Créton | Créton de Luxe
Créton was established in Silkeborg, Denmark in 1995 by Lisbeth Skov Sinnerup and has through the years developed several key items which are loved by the costumers ever since.

She has every year accomplished to select and use the best materials to keep the high quality. The collections are shown twice a year during the Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The company is owned by the family business Sinnerup, which have 9 Sinnerup multibrand stores in Denmark and one in Flensburg, Germany.


The head designer Lisbeth Skov Sinnerup is the person behind the creative and exclusive collections. Lisbeth graduated from TEKO in Herning, Denmark with a degree in product development. With her feminine touch and her unique ability to create clothes and accessories, she encourage women to express themselves through details, colors and their own individuality. The collections are a palette of the season colors and trends with her touch of artful prints and feminine shapes. The fantastic prints, the great fitting, the technical workmanship and the buying are handled by the skillful Créton team.


Créton is a brand with a high technical level, creating beautiful styles with a feminine expression. The collection are often figure minded and loved by many of Créton’s loyal customers. The collections are a combination of good materials, great design, perfect fitting and Lisbeth's attention to the small details.


In the Spring 2015 a new line was added to Créton, called Créton de Luxe. This line consists of luxurious dresses with beautiful prints and luxurious materials. This is a limited collection with only a few styles.  Créton and Créton de Luxe are represented in selected stores. The export is mostly to Finland, Iceland, Norway and Greenland. 


The collections are produced in selected factories in Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Bulgaria, China and India. All of the suppliers have submitted to follow Créton’s high standards and have signed a Code of Conduct.